Get US Out Of The John Birch Society


Update: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
There are quite a few outdated links within this article. Some of the sites left the net, and others just gave up the ghost. Hell – this post is like an old phone book except that a huge portion of the population never picked it up from their front door and read it.

Update: Friday, August 20, 2010
This article will continue to grow as more and more links and quotes arrive. If you have a testimony or an article to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me. This Society needs to be exposed – big time!

Let US Begin
This whole article is a “Power Study Guide” for those who wish to know ALL about The John Birch Society. There are hundreds of pages and facts available. I would suggest bookmaking this site. I have attempted to grab every link that I could find on the Internet that exposes these Masonic vermin and place them here for all to study. This Article is merely a massive compilation of many facts and documents dealing with The John Birch Society to help my readers understand the subversive forces behind this Society, which are seeking to enslave Patriots and destroy Christianity throughout the world.

It is so amazing how people can be duped into joining the JBS. Here is a good example of blind denial VS ONE Senior Member of The Watchman’s Cry Forum that gets it. Hats off to “Freeindeed.” If any of these people in that Forum would take the time to READ and go through all the links of proof and testimony here, I doubt it if they would still hold their position that The John Birch Society is a good group to join. And NONE of this is “Bunk,” unless of course you believe that MORMONS and Catholics should take over a Baptist Minister’s Testimony and dance in Masonic underwear until the cows come home. Discernment indeed. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand-basket.

“In 1981, the year of the Federal Reserve loan/bailout, the Hunt brothers funded the right-wing Moral Majority, headed by Jerry Falwell, and also provided the start-up money for the Council for National Policy, of which Nelson Bunker Hunt was the second president. Nelson Bunker was also a board member and leading financier of the John Birch Society and one of several principals of the Western Goals Foundation, the domestic surveillance arm of the JBS which formed the nucleus of the Council for National Policy. The CNP is highly secretive 500+ member consortium of Evangelical ministers and parachurch leaders, high level political and corporate leaders, and wealthy globalists, who make the policies for the Christian Right and provide funding for Christian Right projects. Although the John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy are promoted as conservative alternatives to the Council on Foreign Relations, both organizations were founded by members of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve, Freemasons, the Communist Party and other subversive organizations whose agenda it is to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. The Council for National Policy was therefore a front for the Council on Foreign Relations and, Paul Volcker, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and member of the CFR and Trilateral Commission, would have a vested interest in funding a political front for the CFR/TC.”THE SYNARCHY

“Shall horses run upon the rock? will one plow there with oxen? for ye have turned judgment into gall, and the fruit of righteousness into hemlock:”Amos 6:12 KJV

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”2 Corinthians 6:14 KJV

“Mormon use of Masonic symbols has also been publicly acknowledged. Mormons were hardly discreet in their depictions of symbols long associated with Freemasonry…including the square, the compass, the sun, moon, and stars, the beehive, the all-seeing eye, ritualistic hand grips, two interlaced triangles forming a six-pointed star…and a number of other Masonic symbols on endowment houses, temples, cooperatives, grave markers, tabernacles, church meetinghouses, newspaper mastheads, hotels, residences, money, logos, and seals.”Michael W. Homer (“Similarity of Priesthood in Masonry”: The Relationship between Freemasonry and Mormonism, by Michael W. Homer, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, vol.27, no.3, Fall 1994, p.73)

Our whole body lives around the weight of our ankles and as we stand upon the acorn of Truth we expect a proper equilibrium in life without the distractions of boisterous Masons on teeter-totters that lie and deceive the masses into global stupidity. And furthermore I contend that for a nation that puts its trust in The John Birch Society is like a nation standing in a Masonic bucket and trying to lift themselves up by the handle!

Were you duped into joining The John Birch Society? Well don’t feel so bad, I was duped for a couple of years too. I have the handle marks to prove it. I had no idea that the JBS was run by a bunch of Freemasons. But I’ll tell you this; when I found out I quit so fast their heads went spinning, and if you study the links and quotes provided here, you too would run from the JBS as far as you can! Yes, some of the links and statements provided are quite controversial and some of them might be expired too. I added them here to show you how much trouble this Society has caused and that people from all walks of life and beliefs no matter how controversial have stepped up to the plate to slam this Society back into the dark ages where it belongs.

The New World Order is a body-politic of thirteen Illuminati bloodlines that rule this planet with a Nimrodic fist; with clandestine plans, dumbed-down sheep of all nations will facilitate the theater for a world-wide planned bloodfest of cannibalistic proportion. Through the Academy of Illuminism, Adam Weishaupt has laid the plan well to asphyxiate all oppositional voices by pumping a hymn into the hearts of men to herd each other into submission: “If a writer publishes any thing that attracts notice, and is in itself just, but does not accord with our plan, we must endeavour to win him over, or decry him.” And The John Birch Society follows this to a “T.”

“If one follows the news, he or she will hear daily reports of political bickering and fighting between the ‘liberals’ and the ‘conservatives,’ or the two political parties. These sham fights have two purposes. The first is to create the illusion of alternate points of view in the political process (which there is not). The second is to create a sense of gridlock and frustration in the electorate so that they may be led to embrace the new political system (the third wave), and to relinquish current constitutional protections. In this, the two parties have served their true masters well.”Marilyn Ferguson

“The John Birch Society does great research but apparently they were started by the Rockefellers who gave the founder a sweet deal for his grape juice company. The purpose of the phony opposition is to co-opt the opposition and discourage any genuine grass roots political movement from starting. Their mission also is to fight trivial battles and distract us from the stealth establishment of world government. Remember the year the Republicans spent trying to impeach Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinski? Government ground to a halt.”Henry Makow

Grand Lodge of British Columbia defends the JBS:
“It appears that Robert Welch’s library contained a number of books on Freemasonry and on page 14 of the John Birch Society Bulletin of October, 1973 Welch assured his readers that “American Masons are just as patriotic as you or I.” Welch mentions a number of occasions that he spoke out against communism at masonic lodges…”


“This column among others, is dedicated to those Americans, who blindly follow wherever they are lead – without ever asking a question. As with members of the National Socialist Party of the 1930’s, the people willingly followed their ‘leader’ without question and we see the same thing happening in America today – not just with our political parties and leaders, but with those organizations who claim to be working on behalf of this nation. Although what you are about to read is going to shock many of you, please understand that I believe that many of the writers for the John Birch Society’s publication, The New American are amongst the finest writers of our times, however I concern myself less with what they have to say, than how each of them, as representatives of the Society conduct themselves as a whole…

What you are about to read is but one investigative essay, which was originally published in the pages of the old Federal Observer, and was but one of many columns dealing with the John Birch Society. These columns crumbled the ill-gained beliefs of many of the grass-root members of the JBS, yet more importantly, it raised the ire of the organization itself. The Federal Observer takes no claim in having done the extensive research, but is glad to offer the forum for which to share this diabolical tale. Stay tuned – there is more to come.” – Jeffrey Bennett

“Many have never recovered financially or mentally from their time working for the John Birch Society.”Alan Stang

“You will see the constitution of the United States almost destroyed. It will hang like a thread. . . . A terrible revolution will take place in the land of America . . . [T]he land will be left without a Supreme Government, . . . [The Saints] will have gathered strength, sending out Elders to gather the honest in heart . . . to stand by the Constitution of the United States. . . . In these days . . . God will set up a Kingdom, never to be thrown down. . . .[T]he whole of America will be made the Zion of God.”Joseph Smith (May, 6, 1843) Founder, Prophet, Freemason

“A holy war will now begin on America and when it is ended, America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects, your churches will be used to teach the Jews’ religion and in less than 200 years, the whole nation of America will be working for divine world government. All religions will be permeated with Judaism, without even being noticed by the masses, and it will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the grand architect of freemasonry…”Taken from the book Legions of Satan by Jonathan Williams, 1781, in which he quotes British General Cornwallis as having said to George Washington (after losing the Revolutionary War to him)

This is one hell of a slam to the JBS belief system!

“Therefore, British Israelism is similar to New Age thought since both (not all of them) believe that the Aryan people are God’s chosen people. This doctrine is masked from the more liberal teachings of Brit-Am’s late author Yair Davidy (and Rabbi Avraham Feld) at one end of the Anglo-Israelist spectrum to the Keltic Knights of the KKK on the other end of the same British-Israel belief system. Even the Latter Day Saints of Mormonism, touted as the ‘fastest growing global religion’ is entirely based around the concept of the ‘Ten Lost Tribes of Israel’ teachings. The Mormons believe that Israelites came into ancient America. The lie that Jewish people are related to Cain or from the Turkish Khazars have its origin from the Gnostic texts as well.”British Israelism Refuted

“The chief purveyor of British-Israelism is the Merovingian Prieuré de Sion, the central command of all secret societies, which plans to place one of their Jewish bloodline on the throne of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. This positioning of a false messiah, whom the world will worship as Christ, has been carefully planned and executed over many centuries. The grand scheme of the Prieuré de Sion will culminate, according to former Grand Master, Sir Isaac Newton (1691-1727) when the secret societies “bring Jesus down” to earth.”

“British-Israelism is the belief that the early Britons and the Anglo-Saxon nations they colonized are direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Prominent British-Israelites claim descent from the Tribe of Dan which Scripture associates with the Antichrist, who will claim to be a descendant of the aforementioned Merovingian Bloodline. The Merovingian or Sionist conspiracy has created many fronts within the Christian community. Not only do the Merovingian conspirators control the “vast right-wing conspiracy” coordinated by CNP member organizations, they distribute a mass of disinformation by means of numerous organizations functioning within a controlled-opposition network. A “controlled opposition” network is a group of pseudo-Christian ministries whose sole purpose is to control all information about the conpiracy and to prevent any opposition that would form against the conspiracy. In fact, the raison d’être of the controlled opposition network is to prevent recognition that the global conspiracy is the Merovingian bloodline, the apostate Tribe of Dan. One branch of this extensive coalition of Merovingian fronts which have infiltrated Christianity is the misnamed “discernment ministries” network which is the subject of our expose, The Conspiracy Was Strong. This network appears to be directed from Great Britain by a British Unitarian minister whose father was the head of British Naval Intelligence who worked with the Bilderberg Group in its early stages of development. At one time Sir Anthony Buzzard worked as a teacher of British-Israelism at the Worldwide Church of God’s Ambassador College before its demise. Presently, Anthony Buzzard directs operations of the network of so-called discernment ministries whose purpose is to divert attention from the real conspiracy, the Merovingian bloodline, and its true agenda, which is the destruction of Christianity.”bob

This is why I NEVER fell for the Judeo-Christianity” crap. The word Judeo is a Masonic-Parasitic attachment to the word “Christian” and has NO RIGHT to be attached to it. The above links prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you so-called conservative writers out there want to use this slogan then use a truthful way to describe it or you WILL be labeled as an Antichrist. For there are many Antichrist’s out there that use that phrase:

Masonic-Judeo-Christianity. At least this phrase would be truthful – Amen?

“WE BELIEVE the Founding Fathers created this nation based upon Judeo-Christian values and that our culture flourishes when we uphold them.”CNP’s Website

“… a handful of men and women, individuals of character, had a vision. A vision to see the return of righteousness, justice, and truth to our great nation.”Ronald Reagan, Remarks to CNP’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

“I’m a faithful follower of Brother John Birch. And I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church. And I ain’t even got a garage, you can call home and ask my wife!”Charlie Daniels

“The John Birch Society has been a thorn in the flesh of many would-be patriots. The purpose of the John Birch Society is to soak up any effective opposition and neutralize it or turn it toward a false conservatism. Robert Welch and his Society has never attacked the Kingdom Message propaganda. In fact they promote British Israel under the cover of Fundamental Christianity. Welch laid to rest any questions on British Israel to his members in his booklet THE NEUTRALIZERS.”Helen Peters

“So Welch says on page 18 that the Communists do the “opposite of the appearance that they create so diligently.” Is he not here following the same pattern of using racism (semitism) to promote revolution? Then like all good Masons do, he equates all religions to one big happy family. On page 20 he states that Communism must go “so that Jews and Christians alike, and Mohammedans and Buddhists, can again have a decent world to live in.” End of quote. Now be not deceived that his plan graciously allows Christianity a fourth part with the heathens. His definition of Christianity is British Israel and is not based on the Deity of Jesus Christ at all.”Helen Peters

With all the Freemasons and spooks traipsing around the Internet masquerading themselves as Patriots and proving to be otherwise, I thought I would attempt to enlighten people from all over the world concerning these Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

I was an “honorary” Member of The John Birch Society years ago and when I brought up serious questions that the Society could not answer – all hell broke loose, after that I decided to expose these vermin for what they are – an Illuminati-controlled opposition front.

To my surprise later on, I found out that this Mason infested group had already been exposed, so that made my job that much easier.

Look at Ron Paul for instance:
Ron Paul “Advisor” Shows up at 2008 Bilderberg Meeting
When you accept an invitation to a Bilderberg meeting you sell your soul to the Masonic NWO. Here is the Link. And we all know that Ron Paul and the JBS put out their Get US Out Of The United Nations Bill – HR1146! No wonder this Bill never passed. It was ALL a setup. And lets not forget RAND PAUL, Ron Paul’s son. Like father, like son!

Let’s look at some of the John Birch Society’s Politicians
Click Here.

I have something far better than JBS, which is nothing but “Just Bull Shit.”
How about SBJ? Something Better Jesus.

By now some of you are aware that the John Birch Society has decided to “Go Global” with their plans to change the world and make it a better place and they have even infiltrated the Tea Parties and now are taking over Illegal Immigration reform and this is the main reason for this post.

“I have nothing to do with the Society. The people who are running it are not standing on what it started out to be at all.”Marian Welch (widow of Robert Welch/JBS – AP report in New York Times, 9/1/86, p24), What in the hell are Mormons and Catholics doing running a Baptist Minister’s testimony?

What do the good old Latter Day Satanists and the JBS Bluebook have to say about Christianity? You need only look as far as their own scriptures and the quotes of their leaders to answer that question:

“When the light came to me I saw that all the so-called Christian world was groveling in darkness.”Journal of Discourses 5:73

“With a regard to true theology, a more ignorant people never lived than the present so-called Christian world.” – Journal of Discourses 8:99

“What! Are Christians ignorant? Yes, as ignorant of the things of God as the brute beast.”Journal of Discourses 6:25

“..all other churches are entirely destitute of all authority from God; and any person who receives baptism of the Lord’s supper from their hands highly offend God, for he looks upon them as the most corrupt of all people”Orson Pratt, Mormon Apostle [The Seer, pg. 255]

“Christians – those poor, miserable priests Brother Brigham was speaking about – some of them are the biggest whoremasters there are on the earth…”Heber C. Kimball [First Counselor to Brigham Young – Journal of Discourses 5:39]

“Through many centuries Christianity, despite all of its splits and schisms, supplied the fabric of morality for the whole Western World – through its threats of punishment, promises of rewards, and the humanizing effect of its proffered love by and for a Divine Father. But despite all the billions of words that have been written to the contrary, that fabric is now pierced and torn and weakened beyond dependability. For a vast majority of those who proclaim themselves Christians today, and attend Church Services, do not really and literally believe in either the punishments, the rewards or even in the physical and biological existence of a Divine Father with any interest in their personal lives and actions. The momentum of a former belief, and the customs which grew out of it, still have great value. But the fabric is worn too thin to have its old effectiveness.”The Blue Book, p. 52

Whenever the JBS gets involved with politics, Bills “go nowhere” and millions of dollars just vanish into the coffers of the Societies elite – plus the thousands of dollars you paid for Billboards were put in the middle of nowhere. Just ask any “Ex” member and they will tell you numerous stories on how the Society sabotages any plans to reduce government or secure borders. They always throw a stop-strip in front of their members and come up with numerous excuses as to why they don’t like their methods.


“Jeff, I was a member of the JBS for 25 years. It was a good education, but on the whole a waste of time. Tried to be a effective activist, only to be sabotaged at every turn by other chapter members. The stories that I could recount! America’s battle is yet to fight: and we, sorrowful though nothing doubting, will wish her strength for it.”(WagnersRing) taken from an email to Jeff Bennett from the Federalobserver/July 11, 2002.

Another thing this Society does to people is beyond cruel. If you say or do anything that the leaders disagree with, they will destroy you financially, verbally, etc. It’s very much the same Modus Operandi that the Mormon cult does to its own people who want to leave the cult and start new lives. Discussions of Freemasonry, Zionism, and what happened on 911 are forbidden within the Society – especially Anti-Freemasonry discussions!

Here is what my good friend Matt Baratta had to say about his experience with The John Birch Society:
“We were in it together and nothing got accomplished. We talked about writing letters to congressman, going door to door with TRIM Bulletins and getting a booth in Balboa Park on weekends to man the JBS booth. One of our writings would probably accomplish more than all three of those steps if posted on the internet. I would add that the leadership did not want us to stray from what was written in the monthly bulletins (or whatever they were called). If I had to sum it up, I would say they expected total obedience to their leadership and did not have effective strategies to combat the increase in big government. Since the creation of the JBS, government has increased at the speed of light and so has our involvement in the UN despite their GET US OUT OF THE UN campaign. The JBS recommends many great books such as The Creature From Jekyll Island but I can’t remember a single issue where they have affected change in a positive way for those of us who want freedom and less government in our lives. Someone may be able to point something but I can’t remember”Matt Baratta

“Perfect example of why JBS is worthless. They really think the same congress that passes Obamacare will repeal it in the same year. CLUELESS!!!”Matt Baratta

“Immediately after ObamaCare was passed into law back in March, many representatives and senators introduced repeal ObamaCare bills, including Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). Those bills are now in limbo in various congressional committees and will never see the light of day, much less come to a vote, unless further action is taken.”Your friends at The John Birch Society

The Society is NOT what it seems to be. The John Birch Society is nothing but a bunch of Mormons that are literally carrying out the global plans of Freemasonry for world domination through the dismantling of The United States, and then the rest of the world. The Society is run by Freemasons and has been irrefutably linked to the Illuminati bloodlines! Go back up and read carefully the quotes from Joseph Smith and British General Cornwallis. These Masons knew the “Master Masonic Plan” for the USA from the beginning, and what you are witnessing right now is the execution of that plan through the Obama administration. In Proverbs 4:27 KJV, God’s Word warns US about our Two Party system that was put into place after the defeat of the Anti-Masonic Party:

“Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.”

That my friends was the turning point of history – 1828.

Not to worry. Satan will ask Satan if he thinks Satanic acts were committed and Miss Botox lips of Fox and Spin will ask Carl Marx to opine right in!

Time will tell if this next prediction comes true especially with Obama in office. According to the “Planned Events” that Joseph Smith and British General Cornwallis talk about, I wrote an article that expounds even more about a future revolution taking place in America. It’s called:

A Controlled Revolution-Nuclear Style.

“If you are against the NWO, then stop supporting the masons, the JBS (which is masonic controlled opposition) and the Vatican which is fully behind the NWO, the UN and all the rest of it. This last point was illustrated recently when Pope Benedict praised the UN, blessing the UN flag and telling us that we all had to get behind it’s agendas. He also made a nice little visit to the UN “meditation room” which is pretty Luciferian in itself. All of which makes it quite odd that people who are supposedly against the UN (Ron Paul and the JBS for example) would make praises to the Papacy. Figure it out people. I lay out the facts, and hope to hell you can deduce the truth for yourselves. Use your heads and stop believing all the sophisticated lies and propaganda that ultimately comes from the Illuminati who are THE masters of scientific manipulation of humanity.”pjwalker911

“You may object: ‘Look at all the great things [Founder, Robert] Welch has done – he has exposed the Illuminati.’ Baloney. The Illuminati was merely a branch of the Conspiracy. How can one attack the Illuminati without attacking the diabolical power behind it: organized Freemasonry? Welch has provided the most valuable service of all time to the Conspiracy. He founded an organization to neutralize millions of Americans from discovering what the true power behind the Illuminati really was. And we concede the Mason’s chose an extremely clever man to do the job. Welch, with the help of the Belmont Brotherhood, plays his role very effectively.”

The main question that should be asked is, “What in the hell are Mormons doing with a Baptist Ministers Testimony?” (John Birch). Mormons and Baptists are extreme opposites when it comes to Christianity. Most people just never bother to question authority, for if they did, they would uncover more conspiracies than the Society could ever uncover.

“Contrary to the JBS position on Freemasonry are the facts of history. Organized Freemasonry has proven itself over centuries to be a secret society which foments revolution wherever it establishes a base of operation. That Masonry binds its initiates to a code of conduct antithetical to patriotism is the subject of a lengthy and well-documented series titled America’s Subversion: The Enemy Within. Facts substantiated by the writings of Masonic scholars and determined by U.S. state legislature investigations provide abundant proof that, within the United States, there is a fifth column dedicated to the overthrow of its constitutional government. The Constitution of Freemasonry, written in 1721 by Dr. John Anderson of Aberdeen, Scotland, laid the groundwork for universal treason, rather than loyalty to country:..”

Having read quite a few of the excuses from The John Birch Society on their bulletin boards and watching them go into “full-panic mode” on all the evidence that has piled against them over the years is mind boggling to say the least. It’s like watching the Heavens Gate Cult spread their specious verbiage around and actually witnessing people buying into it! Ignorance is just Masonic bliss I guess.

To accept the inflamed logic from the JBS that Condemning all Masons is wrong is like having an airline pilot tell his passengers that the plane is going too fast and suggesting that the passengers all stick their heads out of the windows and blow!

“Also, on the LDS temple undergarment (worn daily by LDS faithful) are embroidered the compass and square. This would look like small zigzag stitching to form a “V” on the left breast and a “L” on the right breast of the garment. There is also a small stitched line at the bellybutton and the right knee. These are on both the men’s and the women’s underwear. The garment is to be worn daily to remind the Mormon of the covenants made in the temple. Since the LDS Church rejects the use of the cross as a religious symbol, one is left to wonder why they would adopt symbols used by the Masons and Satanists?”Sandra Tanner

Personally I like Jim White’s method for dealing with socialists. All we have to do here is to apply it to The JBS Freemasons:

“Nuke em till they glow and shoot them in the dark.”

Why Am I Mad At The JBS?
Back when I was a Member of the JBS, I used to attend meetings up in Orange County and I’ll never forget how the “upper echelon” of the JBS looked like ghosts sitting at these huge tables in front of an audience – like they were Kings! You could see the pride in their faces and they would boast about themselves for what seemed to be for hours.

Then they went around panhandling all the rich elderly people out of their money at these meetings to support their numerous programs. You see, a lot of money circulates around Orange County and the Masonic Mormon freaks just loved putting their claws into their Cookie Jars. It was the 92-year-old Grandmother that was giving away her last $50.00 that angered me. You see, earlier that day, I got shouted down for asking what “The meeting after the meeting” was. At that time I had a feeling that something evil was going on and I approached one member and asked if he was a Mason after I heard him give a Lodge number to another member. The “Senior Fellow” was astonished. He had no idea that I overheard the conversation. All hell broke loose and I was issued a staunch warning not to cause trouble.

“There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, our members are getting old and dying. The good news is, we’re in their wills. Those wills are my retirement.”G. Vance Smith


Today you can still read the boasting going on about what the Society has accomplished over the years. Yes, lets look shall we? We have OBAMA in office. Good work guys. You sure got the message out didn’t you? AND WRITING ALL THOSE LETTERS TO CONGRESS SURE HELPED DIDN’T IT? THOSE TRIM BULLETINS SURE WERE EFFECTIVE HUH?

This is what happens when you put your trust in a MASONIC CULT to do a Patriots job.

“Participation in one’s own religion was one of the things the camps tried to encourage. No more. Pursuant to an Executive Order issued by Mr. CEO, such voluntary prayer at JBS summer camps no longer is permitted…”Alan Stang

When I was involved in the John Birch Society, I noticed strange things going on in the meetings. I even attended their “Super Elite” meetings up in Orange County, California as I mentioned earlier. I noticed that they would get people to donate thousands of dollars for “Get US Out Of The United Nations” Billboards and then erect them in the middle of NOWHERE so that few people would see it! This was done numerous times over a period of years. That’s when I smelled a rat and began to inquire as to why at every turn the JBS would “HINDER” getting the message out. They would even drop hints in their meetings that Freemasonry “in the past” was not evil – “it was infiltrated” and that our Country was founded on Freemasonry!

With help from my “Senior Editor,” Jeffrey Bennett of the we started a “Get US Out Of The United Nations” Column on the federalobserver only to be later stopped by the JBS because of “Copyright Violations,” (You see, just like socialists of this day, these vermin were more interested in “Copyright Control” than they were about changing the heart of America!) Jeff and I were getting a lot of hits and the message was getting out and the JBS just in the nick of time, gave us a “Cease and Desist” order and asked us to delete every article about the Society off the federalobserver! We assumed that Patriots would love to work together to get the message out but we were horribly misled:

And now the harshest truths and realities have yet to come. And so we begin…

“We now begin to understand why we have been dismissed by the John Birch Society (JBS). For many years, I have been a supporter (in deed – not money) of this once austere organization – even to the point of supporting their Get US Out NOW! Campaign (to get the united States out of the United Nations – a program, which purportedly the JBS began, in one form or another in 1967). The Federal Observer has done its utmost to raise awareness of the JBS and its publication, The New American for as long as we have been publishing on-line, in addition to our seven years on the air on Perspectives on America. By the way, how many years does it take beyond 35 to get your point across – or do you want to?” – Jeffrey Bennett

“If what I am hearing is true about the JBS I am sure I am quitting. I won’t let a group think for me. I will devote my time to getting Lydia Acuff and Daniel Abeyta and the Bennetts and others out too…. like the Gists in Midland. I will probably send a registered letter requesting all records of my affiliation be destroyed.”R. King

Below are 34 links that should enlighten you about what this Society is all about. Please pass this article around worldwide. If the John Birch Society comes to your country, kick them out quick before they destroy you from within!

Note: Some of these sites are “controversial,” so I will leave it up to my readers to decide if the JBS is evil or not after reading all these testimonies. It’s quite obvious unless you need Braille proof.

“The Rockefellers also wielded a crucial role through their financing of the Trotskyite Communist group in the United States, the League for Industrial Democracy, whose directors include such staunch “anti-communists” as Jeanne Kirkpatrick and Sidney Hook. The Rockefellers were also active on the “right-wing” front through their sponsorship of the John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to devote all of his time to the John Birch Society, Nelson Rockefeller purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a handsome price. Welch chose the principal officers of the John Birch Society from his acquaintances at the Council On Foreign Relations…”Excerpted from the book Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins, chapter 10

(Update: Some of these links may be outdated and no longer operating:)

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John Birch Society Exposed XXXIII
John Birch Society Exposed XXXIV

“The Mormon president Ezra Taft Benson (considered a prophet by Mormons) was a fan of the John Birch Society. Most people who have not read my exposes on both the Mormon Church and the John Birch Society will not be able to protect themselves from the Illuminati. I don’t expose these organizations without a great deal of proof. I say this because I know from too many sources and too many angles that both organizations were initiated and have been run by the Illuminati. The Mormon church has long prophesied that they would defend the US. Constitution in the last days. They are moving to fulfill that with men like Bo Gritz, who sprinkles has talks with buzz words from Mormon prophecy. The John Birch Society was part of the process of the Hegelian dialectics of the cold war. They pretend to be the defenders of the people against the New World Order, but they are fake opposition. (I have met quite a few John Birchers, and so far although they claim to be against the New World Order, they want nothing to do with me, or to learn anything 1 might share with them. I can understand the leadership doing this to me, but somehow the rank and file have picked up on some of the attitudes of the leadership. I don’t know how the JBS has managed to do that, but the antagonistic attitudes that they have instilled in their people toward people like myself are amazing.) In my Be Wise As Serpents book I gave the genealogical evidence to show that the Mormon leadership connected to the 13th top illuminati family, the Holy Blood line of what purports to be Jesus’ lineage. I’ve also showed numerous other connections between the Mormon leaders and the elite Illuminati bloodlines. Ezra Taft Benson’s genealogy helps tie together some of the various parts of the Illuminati beast. The Taft is Heusen’s name is because Ezra Taft Benson is a descendent of Alphonso Taft, who along with one of the Russell family (Russells are one of the top 13 families), William IL Russell, started the Order of the Skull and Bones (legally it has been known as Russell Trust). Remember, that George Bush was a Skull & Bones-man. George Bush also is a descendent of the 13th top Illuminati family -the family that ties in with British royalty and the Merovingian’s. The man who just beat George Bush in the Presidential race, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, is a descendent of some Russell’s.”The Mormon Leaders & The 13th Top Illuminati Bloodline

“For years afterwards, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well-advertised “anti-Communist” goals. The fact that the society had been set up at the behest of the backers of the world Communist revolution may have played some role in this development. Other patriots wondered why most American conservative writers, including the present writer, were steadily blacklisted by the John Birch Society for some thirty years. Despite thousands of requests from would be book buyers, the John Birch Society refused to review or list any of my books. After several decades of futility, the Society was totally discredited by its own record. In a desperate effort to restore its image, William Buckley, the CIA propagandist, launched a ‘fierce’ attack against the John Birch Society in the pages of his magazine, the National Review. This free publicity campaign also did little to revive the moribund organization.”Excerpted from the book Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins, chapter 10


“The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.”Benjamin Disraeli

“Nothing could do more to discredit all conservatives than the violent language and unreal views regularly found in American Opinion. As several conservatively-inclined gentlemen have remarked to me…they would be sorely tempted to believe that the leaders of the Birch Society are agents of the Kremlin subtly working to discredit all opposition to Communism by reducing anti-Communism to absurdity. All Americans of a conservative bent should be warned against associating themselves with an organization which is totally ineffectual in resisting Communism and socialism…”Russell Kirk (National Review magazine, 10/19/65, p928)

“As I have stated before, the report is highly critical of Robert Welch, making mention of his historical ignorance, his belonging to an organization started by Fabian Socialists, his organizing the Society along Communist lines, and his extreme statements against distinguished Americans. Since the report was first prepared, other information has been brought to our attention, which material – until further investigated and reported – makes highly undesirable and improper any use of the subcommittee’s name for seeming exoneration of the John Birch Society.”Hugh M. Burns/California State Senator, former Chairman of the California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities

“I have heard this doctrine in church many times. That when Jesus returns, the Mormon Church will become the government of the world ruling from the city of Zion, which will be somewhere in Missouri and Jesus will live in Jerusalem and be the religious leader of the world…”Joseph Smith was a Mason – so what?

“I must take exception to this branding of the JBS as anti-semitic. I am an Orthodox Jew and ardent Religious Zionist who is also a proud member of the John Birch Society.”Reb Doniel

“Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent…Its promise is light—its performance is darkness.”John Quincy Adams

“…The question about Welch’s possible Masonic membership probably will never be answered. My personal opinion is that he was not a member but was close to many who were and saw nothing dangerous in that…”G. Edward Griffin

“Condemning all Masons as conspirators would be like condemning all American Jews over the crimes and cruelties for which Henry Kissinger has been responsible….”Robert Welch

“Making fair and accurate judgments about the Birch Society has always been difficult because the JBS does not permit outside independent researchers to have access to their archives for historical research or access to its membership in order to obtain factual data about their beliefs.”searching123

The way I see it and according to the evidence posted in this article its King’s Pawn to Bishop3 – Checkmate JBS. You are busted!

“Elderly men and women, especially in the Northern States, will almost universally remember the murder of William Morgan by Freemasons, and many facts connected with that terrible tragedy. But, as much PAINS HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY FREEMASONS TO RID THE WORLD OF THE BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS AND EVERY VESTIGE OF WRITING RELATING TO THAT SUBJECT, by far the larger number of young people seem to be entirely ignorant that such facts ever occurred.”THE CHARACTER, CLAIMS AND PRACTICAL WORKINGS OF FREEMASONRY 1869, Rev. C. G. FINNEY

To Masonic Stupidity of Lesser gods In The JBS
Inside of Socialistic Masonic Communism, Luciferianism is man’s best friend; outside in the world, blind sheep are begging to be slaughtered. Inside of a wet paper bag, two druids argue weather the bag is wet; outside of the bag, two demons soak a wet paper bag with gasoline. “So how does a plot to overthrow the world ages ago relate to a plot to abolish a Republic and implant a democracy in the 21st century? I can see no connection,” signed, Dumbass… Dearest Dumbass, Pride stops to admire – Excellency proceeds forth; and Consistency drives them all to a place well deserved.


“I truly believe you cannot understand the modern ‘psychology’ of religion in the US without understanding the John Birch Society.”Tim LaHaye

“The beneficial, educational impact of the John Birch Society over the past four decades would be hard to overestimate. It is certainly far more than most people realize. Anyone who has been in the trenches over the years battling on any of the major issues – whether it’s pro-life, gun rights, property rights, taxes, government spending, regulation, national security, privacy, national sovereignty, the United Nations, foreign aid – knows that members of the John Birch Society are always in there doing the heavy lifting. And most importantly, they approach all of these issues from a strong moral and constitutional perspective. Lots of people pay lip service to the Constitution, but Birchers study it, understand it, apply it, and are serious about protecting it and holding public officials accountable to it.”Ron Paul

“Have not been here in a while to see how my thread developed. Thanks all for very interesting input and links. Alan Stang published on his website a letter I wrote about my experience and feelings when I had just dropped out of the JBS after being in it for one year. It had my real name and some lady from California called me and spoke at length to me about the JBS. She and her family had been loyal JBS members since the JBS began in about 1959. She knew McManus and spoke with him at various gatherings, but she said McManus was terse and rude to her on the last few events and she had become totally disillusioned with the JBS and was about to drop out. I guess she just wanted to poor her feeling out to someone and she spoke with me about one hour. Ralph Epperson also spoke with me one time about his experience with the society. He was a member for many years, even when Stang was their top writer, and Ralph was on their speaker’s bureau. But they expelled him from the JBS when he mentioned Freemasonry in one of his speeches somewhere. The JBS strongly does not want Freemasonry mentioned, and I assume that is because Mormonism is a religion based upon Freemasonry. Joel Skousen ( also is a Mormon and never says anything about Freemasonry and indeed, often presents himself in his radio guest shots as a Christian.”

“This author and countless other former Birchers and Staff members will be smeared for bringing these facts to life. But that no longer matters to us, for our enemy is Belmont, and we do not intend to lose sight of that fact for a minute. We are fighting the Masonic Belmont Brotherhood – nobody else. Being fully aware of the imminence and horror of the danger we face from that source, we have no intention of being distracted by the carping of our friends, or of those who should be our friends and we hope will be our friends in time. For if we do there is entirely too much likelihood – as we have already said elsewhere many times – that in a few short years we shall all be hanging from the same lamp posts, while MASONIC TERROR reigns around us.”Nicholas J. Bove, Jr., Chairman, The GET US OUT! (of the JBS) Committee

“The Masons are an occult society and like all secret societies they are parasitic to their larger host, which must be denied access to the society’s secrets. The public Masons claim to revere wisdom and enlightenment, but what they secretly worship is the secrecy of certain powerful knowledge. To a secret society, wisdom and enlightenment is of no value, if everyone has it and that is where the evil in the Masons can be found.”

Further Study:
The Anti-Masonic Party

“Synarchy…is ‘government by secret societies,’ or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. It is an analogue of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood.”Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

Is Glen Beck a member of the Jahbulon Bullshit Society?

Even Sarah Palin is connected with evil! And if you Google her name, you will find that she reads the John Birch Society Bulletins as well.

“…It was, therefore, disturbing to learn that Palin had been vetted by a secretive group with connections to the eugenics movement…”Paul & Phillip D. Collins

“There can be no doubt that America was founded by Masons who were part of a several thousand year old plan. This country was built for the specific purpose of bringing Light to the world. Indeed they played a large part in the tea party. It was the old lost Templars, the divine Rosicrucians and other similar Orders along with the Masons who planned and executed its birth. Even our flags colors represent the highest mysteries of human nature. Even the Marines have a Masonic connection. They were born in Americas first lodge, i believe it was, above a bar in 11/10 1775 by Masons. I could go on for hours on this subject but will spare you this time.”

A Note to ernie1241

Ok Ernie. After reading these quotes I must say that YOU are BUSTED!

Ernie Exposed!
“…That’s the reason why a political conspiracy theory can never be refuted—because it does not rely upon the individual facts, assertions, or conclusions which make up the literal text of the theory. Instead, it is a primal scream against perceived villains whom are thought to have ruined our society or whom are working toward destroying our individual sovereignty…”ernie124102

“Consequently, like all fiction-writers, the conspiracy author wants to be free to fabricate his villains, put words into their mouth and thoughts into their head, and then control the plot and ultimate outcome of the story — all without being held responsible or accountable for any unkind or untrue statements and conclusions.”ernie124102

I would post a lengthy and damning expose’ on you but I have bigger Communitarian Whales to harpoon.

I changed my mind Ernie!
“Is it just coincidence that Ernie’s words are so arty? He’s probably been taught by the Skull and Bones Party; Divide and conquer is the tactic he uses so it doesn’t really matter which website he chooses. He bends his rules to the 33rd degree; just visit his site by the Jahbulon tree; so come on down and visit his place, he’s a Druid in action with a double-standard face.”

“During the past few years I have made a special effort to obtain CPUSA-related files in order to determine whether or not the claims made by the John Birch Society regarding CPUSA interest in, or fear of, the JBS were justified by available evidence in FBI documents.”ernie124102

Well that’s like crawling up Satan’s butt to see if there are any organs worthy of donation to benefit Christianity instead of looking into the Bible to find proof that Satan is evil. You should go to work for or head to your nearest Masonic fraternity. They train folks to be just like you every day. Lets take a look at the so-called evidence that Ernie uses on his website:

“…Hoover approved the recommended wording (See his handwritten “Yes” and his initial on memo below)…”ernie124102

I ran his JPEG snapshot through a program called “JPEGsnoop.exe.” This program looks to see if photos are authentic or not. This was the same program I used to determine if the Arizona protest image of the fellow threatening to kill police was real. Here are the results:


Based on the analysis of compression characteristics and EXIF metadata:
ASSESSMENT: Class 1 – Image is processed/edited.

You Didn’t Pass “Muster” Buster
Looks like Ernie failed to use his own rules when it comes to investigations. He’s passing fake FBI files and launching attacks on numerous websites that expose the JBS. Poor Ernie. You are busted again! Don’t make me run ALL of your fake images through this program!

Hows that for a “primal scream” Ernie?

What others say about Ernie:
“He uses FBI files in an attempt to dismiss many of the accurate predictions of the “far right-wingers”, etc., as paranioa.”

This last quote is the best Ernie! I saved it just for you! And after reading all your I rely on the FBI garbage on your website I can only wonder if you are a trained Mason. Your whole site reeks of the tactics they use. Divide and conquer, right Ernie?

“The truth is that Communism and premillennialism are more than equal to Masonry – they are the offspring of Masonry, conceived and designed by Masonry to do for Masonry what Masonry could not do in its own name. Premillennialism is used to debauch the churches into the synagogues of Satan. This is the best kept secret of the ages, but it is basic to understanding revolution and power. This by no means discounts numerous other “isms” such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and many others. These are only subgroups of Masonry and once we understand the Gospel of Christ as well as the religion of Masonry we can identify instantly any “ism” as only a variation of Masonry. To say the least we should never be deceived by any Messianic millennial cult. Premillennialism is a conspiracy against Christ, whenever it rears its Masonic bead.”Helen Peters

More on British Israelism
British Israelism Refuted I
British Israelism Refuted II
British Israelism Refuted III
British Israelism Refuted IV

“Upon the first hasty and superficial glance, a feeling might arise of surprise that the frivolity of its unmeaning ceremonial, and ridiculous substitution of its fictions for the sacred history, should not long ago discredited the thing in the minds of good and sensible men everywhere. Yet upon closer and more attentive examination, this first feeling vanishes, and makes way for astonishment at the ingenious contrivance displayed in the construction of the whole machine. A more perfect agent for the devising and execution of conspiracies against the church or state could scarcely have been conceived.” President John Quincy Adams
Letters on the Masonic Institution, 1847.

I leave you now with an apocalyptic political warning about BOTH PARTIES IN OFFICE and Their Communitarian belief that there are good Masons and bad Masons; good Witches and bad Witches; good Communists and bad Communists; good Socialists and bad Socialists; good Liberals and bad Liberals; good Satanists and bad Satanists, and God’s reply to all this left and right wing Masonic deception is:
“Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.” – Proverbs 4:27 KJV

The John Birch Society used to scoff when I used the above Scripture.

“Hey Louis. What did you expect from Morons…I mean Mormons. As a matter of fact, most Pastors and Churches don’t have a clue about the above Scripture. ‘The Masonic Moroni’ has done well in silencing the masses.”Anonymous poster

“A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”Jeremiah 5:30-33 KJV.

Here is the Modus Operandi of BOTH Parties in office:
“The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.”Isaiah 32:5-17 KJV

Republicans: “The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.”

Democrats: “For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.”

Questions To Ask The John Birch Society!

This Article was brought to you by:
“Our Filter Kings Plug Every Hole With BP Flavor”

And By:
The John Birch Society. (Author Thompson) “More Government, less responsibility, and – with Masonic help – a better world.” (?)

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